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Wesley Oler IV

Investment Enterprise

About Wesley Oler IV

Wesley Oler IV lives in New York, New York where he’s enjoyed a substantial career in investment, an interest that was sparked in college. After graduating, he started to look for careers in the financial industry; however, while many of his friends and peers took jobs in areas like accounting and commercial banking/lending, Wesley wanted to wait for a career he knew he’d be excited to pursue working in investment. A few months after graduation, he found an opening

Throughout his career of nearly four decades as an investment professional, Wesley Oler IV specialized in advising clients with high net worth on their investment services and retirement investing for non-profit endowment funds. He has experience in several areas of investment, including investment research, institutional sales, money management, asset management, endowment, and institutional fund marketing. Because of the wide range of knowledge he brings to his professional career, Wesley found that, throughout his career, things were always changing on a day-to-day basis in a way that kept the job ever-exciting.











When it comes to any career – but especially a career in investment – Wesley knows how important it is to be flexible and always open to new perspectives and points of view. No matter how much experience you have, you want to remain humble and open-minded; nobody has all the answers.

Wesley Oler IV worked for Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. for 25 years, throughout which time he held a number of different positions. He began as the Deputy Manager for Institutional Investment Sales from 1982-88 in New York, New York and Zurich, Switzerland. From this position, he transitioned into the role of Manager & Assistant Department Head for the International Banking & Investment Services Department, where he remained for seven years, working out of New York. From here, he moved into the Senior Manager and Department Head position for the Equity Trading Department before advancing again to hold the title of Senior Vice President of Private Client Wealth Management, a role he held for 8 years. From there, he moved into the Chief Investment Office role at Revolutionary Retirement Consulting, Ltd.

Following his time with Brown Brothers Harriman & Co., Wesley Oler IV worked in Greenwich, Connecticut where he served as Relationships Manager at Credit Suisse Private Banking, a role he maintained for two years. He then transitioned back to New York where he worked for six years with EPIC Retirement Services Consulting, LLC as a Wealth Management Advisor.

Wesley Oler IV attended Yale University for his undergraduate education, earning his Bachelor’s degree in American History. From there, he attended the New York University Leonard N. Stern School of Business