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2020 has been a record year for the stock market, at least in terms of volatility. Though the final quarter of the year still faces uncertainty, stock market investors can—and should—still take advantage of these conditions and make use of them as much as humanly possible. Even investing in just a handful of businesses with promising futures can be beneficial when playing the long game. Here are three of those businesses.


Stock #1 Inovio Pharmaceuticals [INO]


Inovio Pharmaceuticals started the year 2020, trading at prices as low as $3.00 per share. The pandemic provided an opportunity for Inovio to start experimenting with coronavirus vaccines. They initially reported very positive results, and the stock rapidly climbed in price as traders jumped on board. Inovio was trading as high as $32.00 per share at the end of June before it dropped back down to $11.79 in October. The long-term potential for Inovio is significant, given the possibility of a vaccine coming to the public market.


Stock #2 Glu Mobile [GLUU]


Glu Mobile has managed to persuade mobile gamers to their company’s popular titles for many years. The long-term potential for investing in this stock is very interesting because the current share prices are much lower than recent all-time highs. Glu Mobile trades at $7.50 per share as we enter the month of October.


A rally back to the $10.00 price range is possible if the upcoming growth potential is slightly improved. It seems like active investors are not too considered about some of the temporary setbacks that have been highlighted in recent weeks.


Stock #3 Plug Power [PLUG]


Plug Power has such an incredible level of rapid growth potential that it almost seems too obvious. This stock has a lot of positive long-term buy signals that could indicate a high ceiling as we approach the final months of 2020. It would be incredibly challenging to find more than a few minor reasons to go against the incredible potential of Plug Power.

The share prices for this stock were trading around the $3.00 range at the beginning of 2020 and have rallied to just around the $14.00 range as we enter into the month of October. There are no immediate signs that indicate that the rally for Plug Power will slow any time soon.