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Getting into investing can seem scary. There’s a lot to think about, and your money is on the line. Before you start, you might want to try and educate yourself a little bit. But how do you do that? One of the best ways to learn more about investing today is by watching a few YouTube videos. There are hundreds if not thousands of great videos on the platform that can teach you everything you need to know about investing. Here are a few of the best investing-focused YouTube channels.

The Plain Bagel

Richard Coffin is a chartered financial accountant who created The Plain Bagel, a YouTube channel that features informative videos about investing. On his channel, you’ll find loads of interviews with industry experts, great explanations of investing basics, and plenty of tips and tricks to help you make the most of your investments. If you’re a beginner in the investing world, The Plain Bagel is the channel for you.

Ben Felix

Ben Felix is a portfolio manager for PWL Capital Inc. and is a licensed securities broker in Canada. If you’re looking for investing videos full of academically backed evidence, you’ll want to check out Ben Felix. He makes understanding all of the statistics surprisingly easy, and he tends to reference all of his research in the description of the videos if you’re curious about doing any additional reading.

Sven Carlin

Sven Carlin is an experienced investor who created a real value risk model for emerging market stocks. In his videos, you’ll find individual stock analysis, tips and tricks, commentary on the market as a whole, and much more. Carlin focuses on looking for low-risk but high-reward investing opportunities and discusses why he values certain stocks the way he does as well as the research that leads him to these discussions. With a Ph.D. in investing, Sven definitely knows his stuff and is worth listening to.

ARK Invest

The YouTube channel of ARK Invest, which is owned by Cathie Wood, features exclusive content about the firm’s various investments. It gives viewers an inside look at the fund’s strategy and the innovative industries it’s looking to invest in. In addition, it features detailed talks by Cathie about the market and companies that she’s interested in. It’s rare for a fund manager to give away this information so readily, so that alone makes their channel worth checking out.