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Sports are won by those who focus on the playing field, not by players who are hypnotized by the scoreboard. Stocks and real estate have proven to be the real deal in the investment arena. Stocks generate quite a handsome profit margin. Here are six things to know before investing in stocks.


Risk Is Pro-Rata to Profit


Nothing is guaranteed. The stock market is volatile and may often dwindle between the extremes. If you are after making a fortune in stocks’ short term, then the risk is equally enormous.


A return on investment in stocks is never a sure bet. Thus, invest an amount you are comfortable losing.


Be Sharp


Yes, be open-minded. Learn the argot and master the ropes. Do thorough research on the market trends as well as the most favorable brokerages. Stocks are not a money-minting machine.


Acquaint yourself with trading rules, economic jargon, and financial metrics such as market cap, ETF, EPS, etc. If you can’t talk the talk, you can’t walk the walk.


Don’t Be Heads Over Heels for A Hot Tip


Think about it: if stocks were grounded on insider tips, wouldn’t it be illicit to invest in them? Shun from accepting stock tips and believing in them blindly. Do detailed research on the caps and trends before laying your stake.


Also, run away from penny stocks. These are stocks more like lottery gambling; little investment with slim win chances.


Be Realistic to Yourself


Steer clear of leverage. Well, the stocks may go up, and you end up making a fortune. Nonetheless, the market may nose dive and sink up all your investment. Remember, you’ll have to repay your borrowed money plus interest.


Do not count millions on paper until you sell your holdings. Consequently, do not get into depression over unrealized losses. Fight shy of your emotions while dealing with stocks.


Brokers Are Different and Unique


Each brokerage company has its advantages and weaknesses. Some have cheaper trading and processing fees than others. Your investment goals should guide your preference for the brokerage company of choice.


Don’t Ignore the Tax Man


Stocks are a business just like any other, and you are obliged to pay taxes effectively. You could also check out for some tax-deferred accounts such as IRA, 401(k). These plans are lucrative, primarily when investing for your retirement.