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Your 30’s are a time for financial freedom. You’re no longer in college, and your salary is likely quite high. However, this doesn’t mean you’ve got it made. There are several common mistakes people make at this point in their lives: bad news bears for their bank accounts.

Here are the top six mistakes made by people in their 30’s

Spending too much money on rent or a mortgage

While living in your parents’ basement is no longer feasible, you don’t have to get a mortgage on the first house you find. Renting is an option for people who are willing to sacrifice square footage and amenities, especially if they’re only living there for a few years.

Failing to save enough money

This mistake is one of the most common and yet easiest to correct. It will take self-discipline, but you can save money by simply only spending what you have in your checking account. If there’s no money left, don’t buy it!

Taking on too much debt

With debt, it’s easy to think you can afford something because you’re getting a good monthly payment. However, the longer it takes to pay off that debt, and the more money it costs in interest charges, the bigger mistake you might be making.

Not paying attention to your investments

You should always know where your money is going and how much you have. This means taking a look at your investments every month or so, lest you end up blindly throwing money away on fees.

Failing to plan for retirement

Most people in their 30’s are still decades away from retiring, but it should be at the forefront of your mind. After all, you don’t want to end up broke when you get older!

Not having an emergency fund

It’s easy to think that you can save money for retirement, but if you don’t have any leftovers to live on every month, then what’s the point? You should always have enough savings in your checking account to get through at least three months of unemployment. This will help prevent you from using high-interest debt to keep yourself afloat.

Bottom line

These are the top five money mistakes people in their 30’s make, but there are plenty more out there. By avoiding these mistakes and putting some money aside, you can continue to enjoy the good life without breaking the bank.