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Podcasts have become one of the best resources for casually learning more about various topics. One of those topics is investing. There are a ton of great investing podcasts out there hosted both by professional investors from various industries as well as amateur investors who just do it as a side gig. With so many investing podcasts out there, it can be difficult to sift through the ones that are most worthwhile. That’s what this blog is for. Read on for a few great investing podcasts to check out in 2022.

Motley Fool Money

On each episode of The Motley Fool Money, Chris Hill and other analysts discuss the most significant stock and business news of the week. They then break down the stories into their various categories and provide stock picks that could benefit from the news.

Unless you’re a finance, business, or investing expert, investing topics can often be boring. However, with the help of the team at The Motley Fool Money, you can still learn more about investing and business news. They provide actionable insight and commentary that’s geared toward helping investors make informed decisions.

The team at The Motley Fool Money is very talented at opening the eyes of new listeners to companies and industries that they may not have previously heard of. Their audio quality is also top-notch, which allows for a more enjoyable listening experience.

Focused Compounding

The team of Andrew Kuhn and Geoffrey Gannon regularly bounce ideas off one another in order to develop a deeper understanding of investing. They also talk about the various investing principles of Warren Buffett, Jim Fisher, and Munger.

The team’s relationship with each other is also very entertaining, which allows for a more enjoyable listening experience. Aside from being able to talk about investing, Andrew and Geoffrey also provide a great learning opportunity. They’re also very talented at answering listeners’ questions, which are always at the top of their minds.

The team’s YouTube channel also features a video component that allows listeners to watch the episodes. There’s also a companion audio-only podcast that’s geared toward investors who are interested in that format.

Planet Money

According to NPR, Planet Money is a show that’s geared toward people who are interested in investing. It’s like having a conversation with a friend about the economy.

Originally launched during the financial crisis of 2007, Planet Money was created to provide a comprehensive view of the world’s financial situation. Over the years, it has grown to become a leading podcast on economics and finance. There are over a thousand episodes in its library, covering a wide variety of topics.